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Is email standing in the way of your CRM Success?

Every day we talk to business people who wonder how a CRM can support their efforts to get organized. We sense that many are dazed and bewildered as to how things became so chaotic in their businesses. To us its … Read More

The Problem With Excessive CRM Features

I am not saying that features are bad. Features can be great – even fantastic – as long as they provide value. By now everyone has seen the feature comparison charts with all the checks by the item – the … Read More

CRM Answers the Call From Small Business

A common misconception about implementing or even considering a CRM strategy is that it is too large of an undertaking for smaller organizations. Nothing could be more untrue. During a recession, Customer Relationship Management is more important than ever – … Read More

Using Outlook as a CRM = Recipe for Business Disaster

Outlook is familiar, it’s widely used, it allows tasks and appointments to be attached to each Outlook contact, and it even has all kinds of nifty detail fields that can be entered for each contact, but (and this is a … Read More

Why Some Give Up on SharePoint Too Soon

It’s understandable how organizations can get to the point of shutting a system down, whether it is SharePoint or any system for that matter. Working as a consultant for a well-known Contact Management software company during the 1990’s, I saw … Read More

Who’s Watching Your CRM?

Parents generally don’t just let their children wander around aimlessly. Kids require supervision, someone who’s always watching out for them, making sure their shoes are tied so they don’t trip over them, etc. For a CRM Manager, safety is first … Read More

CRM Can’t Automate Everything, Nor Should It

Everyone loves to save time. Over the years, advances in technology and business software have allowed us to automate many things. The good thing is that automation of some areas has allowed companies more time to focus on the business … Read More

The Real Power of CRM: Process

Introducing CRM – with all its relationships and structure – into an environment (mostly) dominated by unstructured data communication is an extremely tough job. Some companies mistakenly assume the automation and sophisticated features within CRM software will miraculously provide the … Read More

CRM Software is Fun? Who knew?

Why does everyone make working with CRM software such a drag? There’s always plenty of talk about: ways to encourage staff to use it, the challenges with keeping data clean, finding a return on investment and strategies to squeeze more … Read More

“Sales are Down and it’s the CRM System’s Fault!”

I bet you have all heard this one from a Sales Manager: “Why are sales down folks, what’s the problem?” Such times are prime opportunities for the sales staff to blame the CRM system. “Because I am spending ALL my … Read More