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SharePoint Flex was originally called SharePoint CRM Template. That was back in the days when SharePoint was just taking off as a flexible and adaptable platform to run any array of business operations from. Since those days, Flex has evolved to be more than a CRM but its roots are robust. Using Flex as a CRM is using its core essence of a relationship management software. Whatever type of relationships you manage in your sales efforts, Flex can support them!

SharePoint CRM in SharePoint Flex

CRM Success Tips: 10 Steps to CRM Success

Our timeless CRM Success Tips have helped many companies and organizations successfully implement their CRM systems. Follow one, two, or all of our suggestions to ensure your implementation is successful.

The Essentials of Flex

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    • Manages information and relationships
    • Used and trusted by both Public and Private Sectors
    • Hundreds of useful features and functions
    • Built for On-Premises and Private Cloud SharePoint Environments
    • Compatible with SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016
    • Every Flex site is tailored to our clients goals
    • Most affordable + cost-effective CRM on the market

What is SharePoint Flex CRM?

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100s of features and functions

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Looking for new CRM? Here’s a tip.

Not everyone in your organization will be excited about the changes coming. In fact, some could become active resisters to the changes. They may feel ill-prepared, or perhaps even fearful of how they will cope. The best way to relieve apprehension is to include users in the process. Elicit their ideas and participation. People need to feel they have control over their work procedures, and they usually have many valuable ideas to share! By getting the users on your side before the system arrives and making them part of the process, you will gain allies as opposed to a gang of resisters.

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SharePoint Flex was designed for complex business situations. Try it out of the box or customize to make something truly unique. Flex adds value to your company no matter the situation. See more >>>

Flex is one of a kind
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What our customers are saying about us

"LookOut quickly got up-to-speed on our business requirements and offered solutions within the software to meet our custom needs."
Tracy DeCicco Business Intelligence Consultant, CBRE
"Great pre and after sales support, and care for the end result as well as genuine interest in the clients project, rare to find these days!"
Faheem Nusrat Intranet Development, Royal British Legion
"The product is solid, easy to use, SharePoint-based so easily supportable… and the company stands fully behind the product."
Kevin Hojnacki Global SharePoint Administrator, Alltech