Process emails from Outlook to Flex

Outlook is the primary mode of communication in most workplaces today. We’ve analyzed the role that Outlook plays in the workflow of modern companies and created a solution that provides Outlook integration into your CRM workflow.

The SharePoint Flex Outlook Plugin is a full-featured application that enables the processing of all types of emails into retrievable, viewable, and actionable items relative to the type of information Flex manages for your business. Feature-rich Outlook Plugin included complimentary with every Flex license.

Outlook Plugin Highlights

  • Convert Emails into a Task for Team Members attached to any Flex item.
  • Convert Emails into Interactions attached to any Flex item.
  • Create Meetings using Outlook and copy any Flex item.
  • Create New Flex items without leaving Outlook.
  • Converted emails can be attached to any Flex item for future reference.
  • Send Outlook Contacts to Flex Accounts.
  • Save Emails and quickly review with our Flex Data Viewer attached to any Flex item.

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