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Flex is a robust, full featured, configurable application that was built to optimize the SharePoint Platform. We take advantage of the good and skyrocket above the limitations.  See a few of the features below. Contact us for a personalized demo to understand how Flex can benefit your organization.

“LookOut quickly got up-to-speed on our business requirements and offered solutions to meet our custom needs.”

– Tracy DeCicco, Business Intelligence Consultant, CBRE


Process Outlook emails

The Flex Outlook Plugin is a full-featured application that enables the processing of emails into retrievable, viewable, and actionable items relative to the type of information Flex manages for your business. For more details check the Outlook Plugin page.

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Visualize data with Charts and Graphs

Every Flex purchase includes a SWFE license of PivotPoint ($749 value). PivotPoint is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use tool that transforms list data into easily understood charts, graphs, and tables, creating a real-time dynamic interface. Add to custom pages or any Flex list to turn data into valuable information.

Connect with the apps you use

A few of our most loved features


Market with MailChimp

Add subscribers to your MailChimp campaign list right from Flex.


Connect with Linkedin

This feature offers users a quick link to a Contact’s LinkedIn profile.


Process from Outlook

The Outlook Plugin provides a gateway from Outlook to Flex. With the plugin, you can process email communications into Flex with ease.

Powerful Flex Data Viewer

The Flex Data Viewer can be added and configured against any list presented in relationship to parent items where mountains of data can be found. The Data Viewer transforms emails saved to Flex into easily reviewable communication. Use the Data Viewer to review communication against companies, opportunities, contracts, properties, or any other type of information stored in Flex.

Do more with Lists and Libraries

Leverage this existing SharePoint feature with the Flex Quick Launch features to create a powerful yet simple way for people to access pertinent information. You can group filtered lists with custom headers and have list items collapse or stay open as required while filtering and presenting useful and relevant information.

Dynamically connect and display related information

Flex Sub-Grids enable fully customizable displays of related information. Child items such as Interactions, Tasks, Emails, Documents and Meetings are displayed in relevant ways for their data types. Using the powerful Flex Connections feature, dynamic relationships can be maintained for any purpose, such as Branch Offices or Stakeholders for Projects and Opportunities.

Flex Quick Actions Workflow

Increase operational efficiency and prevent users from the classic situation where they perform only one task, then close out. With Flex Quick Actions you can add the logical next step that users would perform following a previous action. Flex Quick Actions can be accessed throughout Flex to enable users to launch into related items for review or to create new, thus minimizing clicks and search functions.

Everything on One Page

Flex takes the concept of SharePoint Display Forms to a higher level of personalization and configuration, enabling the display of all relevant and related information. With one click, and from one page, all parent and child information is rolled up and presented in the most useful way for users. Create a customized 360 degree snapshot of key business situations with all relationships, documents, interactions, outstanding tasks, emails and more.

Flex Configuration Settings

The Flex Advanced Settings list contains the configuration engine that manages many Flex features and functions. From this list, you can change List names, create new Connection Reasons, define Quick Search results, configure Outlook Plugin functions, structure Quick Actions, restructure parent/child relationships, control New Item Wizard and Quick Launch behavior, etc. There are over 300 different configuration settings available that enable the direct management of functions within Flex, creating a unique Flex experience for every customer.


Speedy and Managed Creation of New Items

The Flex Create New Item Wizard does much more than simply let users create new items wherever they happen to be within Flex itself! The Wizard manages whether a search should be performed BEFORE a new item can be created (thus massively reducing the chance of duplicate records being created).

All new item creations are not equal as some new items will be child items and therefore the parent must first be found, other items are parent items that need to be matched against existing items to reduce duplication. Other new items require no search. With the Flex New Item Wizard you do not just manage these behaviors but many other useful functions to streamline the process of gathering information, and therefore increasing the likelihood that users will add information into your system.

Flex Audit Log

Track all new items created, items edited and deleted along with managing other user processes automatically within the Flex Audit Log. Additionally you can configure specific Audit Logs for items such as tracking all changes made to a Project, Opportunity or Account records. Manage how long the Audit Log maintains items and have them automatically delete after a specified time. You no longer have to wonder who changed what or when with the Flex Audit Log managing these processes for you.

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