"Incredibly User Friendly"

- BakerRisk, United States

Describe your business:

We are a safety engineering firm with approximately 150 employees. We have 5 offices and have been serving the Texas area for 30 years.  Our clients are global.


What caused you to consider a custom IT database solution?

We needed a system we could tailor to our business and a centralized location to keep all client history. The project system we had was difficult to customize and very expensive.  We needed to extend the ability for all of our staff to have insight into parts of our project management process with less cost and more flexibility.  SharePoint Flex provided us with the ability to create our own CRM and integrate it to existing project data.


How did you develop your SharePoint Flex solution?

It was a combination of internal resources and the Lookout Software consulting group. We did grow our solution over a period of time since our project requirements were very specific and needed to be integrated to an existing product system we use.


Which of the Flex modules did you use?

We use our Flex CRM to centralize all client history. Companies, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, Emails, Documents, Interactions and Tasks.


How long have you been using SharePoint Flex, and what have the results been so far?

We have been using our Flex CRM for about 3 years now. The CRM has allowed us to have one centralized place to access and add client histories. The results are great – instead of information all over the place, we all go to one central location to add/edit client information.

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