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Outlook Plugin

The Flex Outlook Plugin makes it easy to process email communications.

Advanced Search

Save search results, export to Excel, send to Outlook or to MailChimp.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings list is the cornerstone of the Flex system.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate with Outlook, LinkedIn, Google Maps, MailChimp and more.

Regular Updates

Stay in the know. Regular updates with an active maintenance plan.

One-size doesn’t fit-all.

With more than two decades of experience in the software business, we’ve seen firsthand that no two businesses are exactly alike and every organization has its own unique DNA. We developed SharePoint Flex to enable the delivery of bespoke solutions at out-of-the-box prices.

Truly flexible

Not just for CRM


Each Flex solution is configured to your needs. We make Flex work for you.


See how each piece of information connects to inform the big picture.


Do things your way. Flex gives you power over the way your software works.


Flex can easily be scaled up to do things differently as and when you need it to.


It’s simple: SharePoint Flex saves you money, so you can make more of it.


Nothing is set in stone. With Flex, you can customize until it’s just right.

Smarter together

Know what you don’t know

Powerful subgrids

Flex’s powerful subgrids make it easy to connect related information.

Visualize your data

Turn your information into insights with a free copy of Pivot Point.

Know who you know

Track and manage your relationships with Contacts and Stakeholders.

Keep better records

When all is said and done, hopefully you’ve been keeping good records.

Log interactions

Know who is saying what and what has been said. Learn more about what you know.

Get results

Information is power. Using Flex makes your organization powerful.

SharePoint Flex demo view of an Opportunity Display Form

Know what you know.

SharePoint Flex offers a secure, centralized, intelligence hub for businesses and organizations that use SharePoint and have information or relationships they need to manage. Each system is tailored to provide the structure your people need to be more successful at what they do.

“The nice thing about Flex is it works and keeps on working.”

–Mary Spaulding (Solutions Delivery Team, Department of Homeland Security)

Frequently Asked Questions

We continually evaluate this option but at this time rewriting our software to fit the restrictive app model isn’t in line with our focus or our market. However, a hybrid solution is an option.

Yes. Flex is compatible with SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 – Foundation, Standard and Enterprise.

No, Flex uses SharePoint’s SQL Content database.

Yes, you can create a myriad of custom lists for different business purposes and embed them into Flex’s relationship system.

The full version of Flex is accessible on tablets and laptops but for phones we recommend our mobile application.

Flex has powerful and comprehensive integration functionality for Outlook where, if preferred, users can do the majority of their communication processing.

You can use Flex more or less out of the box if your needs are met by the basic templates we offer. However, most businesses will benefit from configuring their systems to meet their unique needs. Flex was built from the ground up to be efficiently configurable and adaptable.

Flex can be used to build and store custom lists for marketing purposes. With Flex, you can send small batches of emails, but it is not a mass email tool.  However, Flex integrates with MailChimp for mass emailing purposes. Flex can be used for exporting lists for mail merges with Word or uploaded to third party email servers. Results of campaigns can be added into Flex for reporting analysis and ongoing access to activities.

Flex’s Importer enables Excel based data to be imported and connected to other related lists quickly and easily – thereby eliminating the need for reentry of data.

There are a variety of methods that can be deployed for external data sources to be connected to Flex.

No. Most Flex customers have personalized and configured their solutions for their business and they all update with the same package. Updates do not affect field, form, list, workflows or other configuration additions and modifications.

Yes. There are hundreds if not thousands of web parts available for SharePoint. Some are complimentary and some are not. Check with us before purchasing to be sure.

Yes, the SharePoint permission system is the base for Flex. However, we have added additional privileges and item level protection for companies that wish to have more control.

Yes, Flex has a translation module where any language or specific terminology can be applied to the application.

Flex can utilize any reporting software that can be used with SharePoint. We provide a complimentary copy of Pivot Point for Flex with each purchase for creating Charts and Tables.

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