SharePoint Flex gives you options

Flex has over 200 features and functions. While that’s far too many to show here, we’ve chosen a few of the best to put on display. If you’re interested in seeing all of what Flex can do, request a demonstration.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings list is the cornerstone of Flex. The Settings contained in this list control features, functions, structures, and permissions in order to personalize your Flex system. The unique nature of the Advanced Flex Settings list is that if a new feature is of no interest or value it can be ignored. Add only those features that have merit and value to the way you use your own Flex system.

MailChimp Integration

The current phase of MailChimp Integration relies on a current campaign set up in MailChimp. The currently supported operation is the adding of subscribers to a list which exists in MailChimp already. This function can be utilized from the Advanced Search or the Contacts Sub-Grid on a Campaign display page, as shown below.

List Management

SharePoint Flex is built around lists. This may not sound exciting but this simple concept packs a lot of power. Each list in Flex has the capability of being repurposed, redefined and reimagined. For a CRM configuration your lists may be Accounts, Contacts, Leads or Tasks but you are not limited in what your lists can be called and what information you’ll be managing in them.

Scale and extend

Dashboards can be customized, scaled and extended with myriad third party products. An example of this, shown to the right, is a reporting dashboard, extended by use of a SharePoint web part called Pivot Point created by Pentalogic, a partner of ours.

Outlook works for you

Tackle the pain points of using relationship management software by automating the processing of email communications.

Quick Actions

The Quick Actions feature was designed to be a powerful tool which walks the user from one action to another. As one action is completed a list of next actions is presented from the Quick Actions form. In addition to being presented as one action is completed, this feature is available throughout the Flex system as a way to quickly create new items and process information.

And many more features, to boot!

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