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Know more with Display Pages

Display Pages and Forms were designed to be adapted to suit your companies unique DNA. Use them to quickly access information about customers, stakeholders, and so much more. Dynamically connect related sub-grids, customize action bar items, and structure your information so that your team can avoid information chaos and make informed decisions.

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Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings list is the cornerstone of SharePoint Flex. The Settings contained in this list allow you to configure and control features, functions, structures, and permissions.

The Advanced Settings in Flex enable every site to be unique, allowing each organization to adapt Flex based on their industry and requirements.

Some examples of things that settings can do are:

  • Custom CSS styling
  • Configure search fields and results
  • Mapping functionality
  • Connect unique pieces of information
  • Configure data refresher
  • Configure Outlook Plugin functionality

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Find your flow with Quick Actions

The Quick Actions feature is a configurable tool designed to save time by reducing the number of clicks it takes to complete a workflow. When one action is completed, a list of relevant next steps is presented. Increase operational efficiency with Quick Actions.

  • Create new items
  • View related items
  • Connect related information
  • Quickly add all related information

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See your connections in Sub-Grids

Sub-Grids are an essential component of Flex. They are powerful display grids that allow for tons of customization and configuration. Sub-Grids allow you to dynamically connect and display information from related Lists.

  • Quickly view child item details
  • View related items
  • Quick Actions functionality

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Process emails within Outlook

A full-featured and configurable application that comes included with every purchase of SharePoint Flex, the Outlook Plugin makes processing email communications a whole lot easier.

Save attachments, create new Contacts, Leads, Interactions, and so much more from right within Outlook. No funny business.

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  • Create new entries from Outlook with the click of a button
  • Add Outlook Contacts directly to SharePoint Flex
  • Convert emails to Interactions or Tasks
  • Import Contacts and Tasks to Outlook for offsite use
  • Saved messages can be reopened and forwarded
  • Save vital emails and attachments for easy retrieval

Do more with Lists and Libraries

Lists and Libraries are the foundation of SharePoint. With Flex, you can do more with these Lists and Libraries.

The power of Flex lies in its ability to be adapted to your companies unique DNA. If Flex’s out-of-the-box terminology don’t work for you, they can be repurposed and redefined to ensure that they align with your terminology and business processes.

  • Create only the lists you use
  • Categorize libraries based on function
  • Easy access to the lists you use most
  • Customize list functionality

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Visualize your data with Reports

Every purchase of Flex includes a single web front-end license for PivotPoint ($749 value) by Pentalogic. PivotPoint is a powerful web part that transforms long and complex lists into easily understood charts, graphs and tables, creating a live and dynamic interface with your list data.

  • Team workload monitoring
  • Sales and opportunity pipeline
  • Custom charts, graphs, and reports

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Find information fast with Quick Search

The Quick Search feature in SharePoint Flex is available where and when you need it, so you can get back to the task at hand, whatever that may be. With Quick Search, finding a needle in the haystack is as easy as 1-2-3.

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View the past with Data Viewer

The Data Viewer is a configurable Sub-Grid feature – it’s just like flipping through the pages of a book filled with historical data.

  • Links to view and edit items
  • View item summaries
  • Linked to Quick Actions

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Connect with the apps you use

A few of our most loved features

LinkedIn Circle@2x

Connect with Linkedin

This feature offers users a quick link to a Contact’s LinkedIn profile.

Flex Plugin@2x

Process from Outlook

The Outlook Plugin provides a gateway from Outlook to Flex. With the plugin, you can process email communications into Flex with ease.

MailChimp Circle@2x

Market with MailChimp

Add subscribers to your MailChimp campaign list right from Flex.

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