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SharePoint Flex is a customizable SharePoint CRM solution designed to help you manage information, relationships, and business processes. Flex gives your team one central spot for all your information.

With Flex, you can leverage your investment in SharePoint to manage more than just customer relationships. Whether you need to manage properties, stakeholders, projects, issues or any other business process, Flex can help.

The Essentials

Just a few of the features and functions of Flex

    • Account and Contact Management
    • Lead and Opportunity Tracking
    • Customizable Dashboards
    • Integration with Outlook
    • Charts, Graphs, and Custom Reports
    • Linkedin and MailChimp Integration
    • Quick Search
    • List Builder

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What our customers are saying about us

"LookOut quickly got up-to-speed on our business requirements and offered solutions within the software to meet our custom needs."
Tracy DeCicco Business Intelligence Consultant, CBRE
"Great pre and after sales support, and care for the end result as well as genuine interest in the clients project, rare to find these days!"
Faheem Nusrat Intranet Development, Royal British Legion
"The product is solid, easy to use, SharePoint-based so easily supportable… and the company stands fully behind the product."
Kevin Hojnacki Global SharePoint Administrator, Alltech