The Original CRM Template

SharePoint Flex was previously known as SharePoint CRM Template, the original SharePoint CRM. Flex manages information related to relationships with customers, stakeholders, and everything in between.

SharePoint CRM or Flex?

Let us explain

We created the original SharePoint CRM Template back in the 1990s. Back then, our product went by a different name but our philosophy has never changed. SharePoint Flex was built out of the idea that no CRM on the market was versatile enough to handle the diverse needs of each business. Now, Flex handles much more than CRM, but we have always stayed true to our CRM roots.

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“Brilliant CRM software supported by a brilliant team.”

– Karen Branson, Director of IT Systems – Brady Services, United States

The Essentials

Just a few of the features and functionalities of Flex

    • Account and Contact Management
    • Lead and Opportunity Tracking
    • Interaction Management
    • Customizable Dashboards
    • Outlook to Flex Integration
    • Charts and Graphs
    • Linkedin and MailChimp Integration
    • Quick and Advanced Search

SharePoint Flex

What you can do


Manage Accounts

Keep track of all the information related to your relationships.


Manage Contacts

Build unique contact profiles and track related interactions and tasks.


Manage Projects

Plan, execute and track the progress of projects. Achieve goals with Flex. 


Manage Leads

Track the flow of unqualified prospects and turn them into quality leads.


Manage Contracts

Manage the progress, milestones, and amendments to contracts with Flex.


Manage Campaigns

Centralize the management of information related to your Campaigns.


Track Opportunities

Reach your goals. Don’t miss another opportunity you could’ve tracked with Flex.


Track Interactions

Know who is talking to who. Learn more about your people and your business.


Track Goals

Create goals and set milestones related to Projects, Leads and more.

Flex is one of a kind
Make Flex yours

What our customers are saying about us

"LookOut quickly got up-to-speed on our business requirements and offered solutions within the software to meet our custom needs."
Tracy DeCicco Business Intelligence Consultant, CBRE
"Great pre and after sales support, and care for the end result as well as genuine interest in the clients project, rare to find these days!"
Faheem Nusrat Intranet Development, Royal British Legion
"The product is solid, easy to use, SharePoint-based so easily supportable… and the company stands fully behind the product."
Kevin Hojnacki Global SharePoint Administrator, Alltech