Our story

We’ve been providing software solutions to business, government, education, and nonprofits for over 20 years. We know that if you’re successful, we’re successful – so our team takes great pride in supporting clients of all shapes and sizes, helping them get the most out of their SharePoint investment with Flex. We recommend strategies, brainstorm ideas, and develop custom configurations to make Flex a critical and powerful part of how you do business.

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Who we are

Not just another software company.

Throughout the past two decades, we’ve been at the vanguard of a challenging unification of people, processes, and technology. Over the years we’ve delivered an array of services, including consulting, technical support, integration, customization, training and software development. Our company has trained 1000’s of relationship managers in the sales, marketing, and public relations fields and designed & developed numerous custom CRM software solutions. With Flex, every line of code, every feature and every function has been informed by decades of experience working with people in every industry.

We work with SharePoint because it’s flexible and easy to implement. We’ve designed our software to make Sharepoint better by developing powerful features and functions that make sense for our clients and how they manage their information. We know that when our customers are successful, we’re successful, so we take pride in working closely with them to explore their needs before offering solutions. We are committed to continuous improvement, agile development and delivering the best possible software.

We’re driven by a simple philosophy, one that has been with us every day since the inception of our business:

Customer success is more important to us than selling software.

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LookOut Software Inc. is a proud member of The International Trade Council. The ITC helps companies around the world grow and flourish by providing leadership on key issues that impact economic growth, facilitating networking, arranging business introductions, and providing training opportunities aimed at driving sustainable business growth and prosperity.

Our priorities:

Supporting our customers

We’ve always known that without customer success there would be no future for us in this business. That’s why supporting our customers with training, consulting and application configuration is and always has been our number one priority.

Improving our software

Since 1994, we have devoted ourselves to the continual improvement process. We constantly improve our software, releasing new features, some based on customer recommendations, along with performance enhancements via monthly updates.

Building custom features

We love building custom features. We’ve been doing it for nearly two decades. Our experience in this industry has refined our ability to build practical, flexible and powerful solutions that can support the business processes of nearly any industry.

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