About us

SharePoint Flex is developed by LookOut Software, Inc. At LookOut Software, we’ve been providing software solutions to business, government, education, and nonprofits for over 20 years. We recommend strategies, brainstorm ideas, and develop custom configurations to make Flex a critical and powerful part of how you do business. Since the very beginning, our vision has been to create an application that any business could modify to meet their information management needs. SharePoint Flex is the realization of that vision.

We solve information management problems

Taking the valuable experience we’ve gained from our clients’ successes and challenges, we have incorporated what we’ve learned into our philosophy – and from there, into our relationship management solution designs. When our customers stumble, we are here to help move them forward by sharing our knowledge and best practices.

“Customer success is more important to us than simply selling software.”

We support our customers

We’ve always known that without customer success there would be no future for us in this business. That’s why supporting our customers with training, consulting and application configuration is and always has been our number one priority.

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